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Ada Municipal Liquor

Liquor Store Manages Both Facilities Through One Point-of-Sale System
“BNG Point-Of-Sale will fix your issue, and won’t waste your time talking down to you. Some support providers get into the geek squad mode and don’t explain it for you to understand. Their knowledge is over top of mine, but they can bring it down to my level and help me understand”
Manager, Ada Municipal Liquor
About Ada Municipal Liquor

The Ada Municipal Liquor Store is an on-sale/off-sale facility. Their off-sale features beer, wine, cordials and other nonalcoholic beverages, with a wine selection that contains over 150 wines to fit anyone’s taste.

Why they chose BNG Point-of-Sale

Managing an on-sale and off-sale location is twice the responsibility of a single liquor store. You have to run a liquor store, manage the scheduling, ordering, stocking, and run a bar as well. It’s no easy feat and requires a tool that handles tracking between the two separate businesses.

Ada Municipal Liquor’s old point of sale system (POS) was not serving their needs. They eventually switched over to a POS system designed to manage a bar and liquor store called Restaurant Manager.

Working with BNG Point-Of-Sale has given Ada Municipal Liquor Store a better understanding of all the ways their POS system can streamline and run their business efficiently.

Their experience using BNG Point-of-Sale

With Restaurant Manager, they can monitor their inventory between the on-sale and off-sale location. They run all sales, purchases, invoices, transactions go through it. It cuts down on stress and time for their manager Gerrie, who would have to normally run all these actions through separate POS systems.

With these features, Ada Municipal Liquor can easily oversee both sides of the business, and use Restaurant Manager’s tools to track stocking and ordering.


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