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With multiple payment options, simple online bill pay, recurring payments, mobile transactions and more, the BNG Gateway is a comprehensive, PCI compliant solution that will save you time and money.
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Why Use a Payment Gateway?

For businesses that accept payments online, a Payment Gateway helps protect your customers’ payment information and your business from fraud and cyberthreats. It encrypts payment information to secure transactions between the customer, merchant and acquiring bank. With a payment gateway, businesses can avoid expired cards, insufficient funds, closed accounts or exceeding credit limits.

Benefits of a Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway is the most common way for a merchant to connect to a payment system, and has many benefits:

Multiple Payment Methods

Accepts all types of payments across multiple platforms, giving customers their preferred way to pay, such as ACH, credit card, Apple Pay, and more.

Secure & Compliant

Security is at the core of everything we do. The Payment Gateway helps protect your business from threats and simplifies PCI compliance.

Seamless Reporting

Track all payments through a centralized system and access customizable reports to help you run your business.

Top Payment Solutions For Your Business

Easy Recurring

Reduce late payments and uncomfortable phone calls by offering convenient and secure recurring payments through the Gateway.

Online Invoicing &

Make it easy for your customers to pay you anytime and anywhere. Decrease the average wait time from sending an invoice to seeing it marked as paid.

Connected Mobile

Take mobile payments effortlessly through a fast payment application for Apple® IOS and Android. Process credit cards over data or WiFi connection.


Give customers the best experience at checkout. Accept face-to-face payments through integrated card readers for seamless transactions.

Reduce Processing Fees with Interchange Optimization

Interchange Optimization through the BNG Gateway ensures that every card not present transaction qualifies for the lowest possible interchange rate by adding additional lines of data, which reduces the risk of fraud. With Interchange Optimization, merchants do not need to change how they run transactions to benefit.
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