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Customer Vault

The BNG Customer Vault securely stores your customers’ payment information so that you can easily process additional payments without having to ask for their card information again. Securely store your customers’ payment information through the BNG Gateway Customer Vault.
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Secure Customer Data Through BNG’s Customer Vault

The Customer Vault allows merchants to transmit their payment information for remote storage in BNG’s Level 1 PCI certified data facility. Once the customer record is transmitted to the Customer Vault, the merchant can then initiate transactions remotely without having to access credit card or electronic check information directly. This process is accomplished without the merchant storing the customer’s payment information in their local database or payment application.

Simple Management Of Customer Information

Modifying and updating customer information is accessible through the BNG Gateway’s Customer Vault. Enterprise-level businesses can easily upload Excel files to modify customer information in batches or change the information they can view.

Demo the BNG Gateway!

See The BNG Gateway Customer Vault in action with our free demo.
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