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Whatever your processing needs, we make it easy for your business to accept payments, however and wherever your customers want to pay.
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Protect Your Customers’ Sensitive Data with Simple Online Bill Pay 

Not long ago, paying bills via check was the norm. Many people were hesitant to pay their bills online and believed transactions on the internet were risky. Sending payment through the mail seemed more secure. With today’s threats of theft, personal information, such as payment data, is much more vulnerable on paper.  

Now, online bill pay methods are expected. Give your customers the convenience and peace of mind of Simple Online Bill Pay. It not only provides a secure, convenient solution for you and your customers, it also saves time and resources and reduces the risk of theft. 

Simple Online Bill Pay transactions are run through the BNG Payment Gateway making them completely secure, eliminating payment information touching your internal network or computers, removing you from the most rigorous of PCI Compliance issues. And, customers can pay with their preferred payment method—credit card, check or ACH.  

Simplify Collections with Online Simple Bill Pay 

Your customers are busy. Simple Online Bill Pay is faster, safer and easier, and eliminates a stack of bills piling up on the counter. Customers simply click a link to pay their bill immediately.  

You’re busy, too. Save time waiting for checks to arrive, eliminate the risk of accepting paper checks, as well as reduce collections calls. Offer your customers the ability to pay their bill whenever they want, wherever they may be. 

Our Simple Online Bill Pay solution also makes it easy to reconcile paid and unpaid invoices in your accounting software, helping you shrink the time you wait to get paid and lower your aging accounts receivables. 

By offering Simple Online Bill Pay as an option for your loyal clients, you give them the ability to pay you in a secure way that’s most convenient and secure to them, and quickest for you. 


Simple Online Bill Pay 

You can easily add Simple Online Bill Pay to your website and begin collecting all major credit cards or ACH payments via a secure checkout page.  

  • Fast and easy for your customers to pay (no login required) 
  • Secure pages are branded to you 


Simple Online Bill Pay with QuickBooks SyncPay 

With a QuickBooks SyncPay integration, you enjoy all the benefits of Simple Online Bill Pay plus automated payment reconciliation.   

  • Accept all major credit cards and ACH payments 
  • Fast and easy for your customers to pay (no login required) 
  • Secure pages are branded to you 


ConnectBooster Payment Portal 

The ConnectBooster Payment Portal offers secure payment integration with multiple accounting systems and CRMs and PSAs, including QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP.  

  • Accept all major credit cards and ACH payments 
  • Secure customer portal is branded to you 
  • Customer login required to view all open and past invoices 
  • Multiple payment options can be saved for future use 
  • Customers can set up automatic payments on invoices and agreements and contracts 
  • Payment data is securely collected and stored 
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