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Mobile credit card processing has never been easier. BNG Payments offers a simple app called iProcess that connects your BNG Payment Gateway account to your mobile phone, tablet, or iPad.
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How iProcess Helps You Collect Mobile Payments

This user-friendly mobile processing app gives merchants the ability to process mobile payments without losing the benefits of a traditional credit card terminal. You can print or email receipts, capture the customer’s digital signature and add a tip to the total transaction, if necessary, allowing for a paper-free transaction.

In addition, iProcess™ allows you to geotag the location of any transaction on your customer’s receipt, making the delivery of transactions a breeze anywhere there is a cellular or WiFi connection.

The iProcess™ app also uses point-to-point encrypted card readers to process payments, assuring your customers’ sensitive information isn’t compromised.

Why Merchants Love iProcess™

  • iProcess™ is simple, fast, and free
  • Compatible with Apple™ IOS & Android™
  • Automatic geotag location on customer’s sale receipt
  • Capture signatures digitally
  • Performs full or partial refunds from the Transaction History Log
  • Processes keyed or swipe transactions with our Encrypted Swipe Solution
  • Automatically adjust tips
  • Supports multi-user login and supports multi-merchant

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