ACH Payments Solutions

Save money on credit card fees without removing the convenience of online payments for your customers. With the BNG Payment Gateway, it is as easy to accept ACH payments as it is a credit card.
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Save Money Every Transaction With ACH Payments

Save money on every transaction by switching from credit cards to ACH payments. Our secure process gives you the power to collect large transactions without trimming your profit margins with processing fees. ACH payments are the perfect way to offer customers the convenience of recurring billing by directly debiting customer’s checking or saving accounts.


Benefits Of Processing ACH Payments

  • Provide customers with an alternative to credit cards and checks
  • Lower per-transaction rate for Electronic Check acceptance than you pay for credit card fees
  • Secure PCI Compliant payment gateway to conveniently store customers billing information

ACH payments are a fabulous alternative to credit card and debit cards for businesses that handle large transactions. Through our payment gateway, your business can also implement recurring payments, saving countless hours on invoicing clients every month.

See If ACH Payments And Electronic Checks Are Right For You

Not sure which solution is the best for your business? Contact our team of payment processing experts and they can see if either electronic checks or ACH payments are for you.
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