Busek Olson and Associates

Busek Olson & Associates Streamlines Billing Through QuickBooks and Credit Cards Processing
“We’ve been utilizing BNG for our credit card processing for about six years, and we’ve been very satisfied with their performance and their support. It is one area of our business that we never have to worry about.”
Kent Busek
Owner of Busek Olson & Associates
About Busek Olson and Associates

Busek Olson & Associates is a Fargo-based tax preparation business who provides tax
and accounting services to individuals and businesses.


Originally Busek Olson & Associates struggled with how they managed their billing. Paper
checks were the primary method used to receive payments from clients. This manual
process took their accounting team hours to complete each month, and manually
depositing checks, as well as recording these transactions in QuickBooks, was equally as
They did accept a few credit card payments, but outside of having one credit card
terminal, their payment processing setup was a manual one. One of the common
problems was trying to receive support when payments issues arose. Not having an
automated solution was negatively affect their business and their clients’ interactions
with their business.
The owners of Busek Olsen & Associates wanted to find a more professional way to
handle their billing. They wanted to accept payments via credit cards and automatically
reconcile the transaction in QuickBooks. Busek Olson & Associates did not want to work
with a payment processing solution that did not match their level of professionalism.


Busek Olson & Associates partnered with BNG Payments to help solve their payments
issues and because of this no longer worries about handling checks and manually
entering payments. The team at Busek Olson & Associates enjoys working with a
payment processing company who meets their level of professionalism with support
and services, especially as they have grown. With new office locations, they’ve been able
to set up credit card processing accounts for their new locations and track everything
with ease.
The biggest difference for Busek Olsen & Associates is how easy handling how they
process payments has become. It’s streamlined, and saves them time and money.

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