Fargo Running Company

Fargo-based Speciality Retailer Saves Time Through Integrations With Payment Processing And QuickBooks
“I love I can work with another business in Fargo, that still has integrations of a major company. They understand our needs; they know our concerns and the industry. They take care of everything without me having to spend extra time reconciling our accounting and payment processing.”
Cley Twigg
Owner of Fargo Running Compay
About Fargo Running Company

The Fargo Running Company is a Fargo-based specialty retail store that sells gear and apparel for running enthusiasts. Their mission is to provide top quality running gear that’s suited to each individual athlete.


Fargo-based speciality retailer, Fargo Running Company, had multiple challenges with their current payments processing solution. There was a lack of efficiency because no integration existed between their QuickBooks accounting software and their point-of-sale system, which made bookkeeping and inventory tracking a nightmare. The owners were also not satisfied with the level of customer service they were receiving and assumed working with a large provider would be the best step to competitive pricing and customer care. The owners at Fargo Running Company expected more.


Fargo Running Company needed a change and began the task of trying to find a payment processor that would integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks and streamline their accounting. Working with BNG Payments was the phenomenal change their business needed. They were able to integrate their payments directly into QuickBooks, keeping their accounting running efficiently and making it easy to track their profits. The best part is the personal touch they receive from BNG Payments. Fargo Running Company loves the attentive support and whenever they’ve had questions or problems, BNG Payments would be there with a prompt response. Their owner Cley Twigg loves how easy it is. The seamless way QuickBooks works with BNG Payments integration means he spends less time focusing on whether he can accept customers payments, and tracking his sales, and focus on running his business.

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