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Foxy’s Bar & Grill

How Foxy’s Bar & Grill Prevented Theft With Their Point-of-Sale System
“What BNG Point-of-Sale has been able to do is to help us really put the processes in place, so later things won’t fall through the cracks. If you’re selling a $3 beer, it’s really easy for small things to fall through the cracks a little bit at a time every day and you add that up over six months. Regardless of where we live, even if I’m really never there, it makes it easy for us to define what problems are and where they’re coming from.”
Shawn Gray
Owner, Foxy's Bar & Grill
About Foxy’s Bar & Grill

Foxy’s Bar & Grill is a family-owned business in Park Rapids Minnesota, where they serve pub favorite classics such as pizza, fresh burgers, and lots of happy hour specials. It’s owned Shawn Gray and his wife Carmen.

How They Tracked Deleted Items

With their new POS system, Shawn and Carmen are able to remote-access any reports from their bar and grill which allows them to keep up-to-date on their performance and finances. They are also able to see session summaries and review why their transaction and sales numbers might not add up.

They’re also able to see and review inventory costs if they seem high. They’re able to address potential risks of theft with their monthly service plan through BNG Point-of-Sale, and can even track things like deleted items. For instance, Shawn was able to see that entire tickets and individual items were being deleted, and who performed them.

They had no idea why items were being deleted. But, Foxy’s Bar & Grill was able to track specific tickets rung up by individual staff at specific times and correspond it to the video camera system in the place.

Fortunately, it wasn’t theft, however, they were able to close a point for potential theft in the future.

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