Hercules Tow Ropes

E-Commerce Store Eliminates Manual Labor Involved With Processing Online Transactions
“Ease of use, person friendly, if you’re not real computer savvy. I like not having to worry about where to store all the credit cards numbers, now BNG is responsible. But it’s easy to recover a receipt, a couple of clicks and I’ve gotten a receipt to email the customer.”
John Keller
Owner of Hercules Tow Rope
About Hercules Tow Ropes

Hercules Tow Ropes has been serving the Fargo area since 1993, and they sell all types of tow ropes. They are mainly an E-Commerce merchant but still process face-to-face orders.


As an E-Commerce store, accepting online payments can be a challenge. Originally Hercules Tow Ropes struggled with manually entering all their order data into a credit card machine from their website, and then had to physically store all the paper receipts. It would take the team at Hercules Tow Ropes an extra 5 hours a week to manually key in all the orders to their accounting software. Winter and early spring meant they spent even more time every week since it’s their busiest seasons. All the time on manual data entry would cost the company an extra $406.03 every month just from manually inputting orders. As their store continued to grow and more sales poured in, Hercules Tow Ropes knew they needed to partner with a more professional payment provider to meet the needs of their business. Relying on a manual process was going to decrease their efficiency and lead to costly billing mistakes.


After some research, Hercules Tow Ropes selected BNG Payments to partner with and process their payments. Now orders are inputted and processed right away, and the staff only prints a receipt to process the order. It’s become easy to process online orders since their solution with BNG Payments gives Hercules Tow Rope the ability to track all past orders in the payment gateway. Another benefit they experienced when switching was getting rid of all the paperwork and tracking down old receipts. With the BNG Gateway, Hercules can find past invoices and orders with a few clicks of a mouse. The BNG Gateway also stores their clients’ payment information in a secure encrypted value to protect them from a data breach.

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