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Izzy’s Lounge

Hospitality Grill Receives Upgrade with Their Point of Sale System
“I’d highly recommend BNG Point-Of-Sale and their system as it helps me track sales and products. I can even see what items we sold right after lunch, right away, like burgers and specific drinks. It’s fast, and incredibly detailed. The service support plan is worth it, if something goes down, BNG Technologies team is quick to respond, and never talks down to me.”
Kallie Marvin
Owner, Izzy's Lounge
About Izzy’s Lounge

Izzy’s Lounge is a grill inside the Patch Motel in Warroad, MN. It’s a relaxing space to eat, and have fun with the TV’s, pool tables, and arcade games. This family owned business is owned by Kallie Marvin, who took over for her father in 2004, and worked there for many years prior.

Before using BNG Point-of-Sale

Originally, this inherited hotel and restaurant was old school. They simply used a cash register to ring up all food and beverage orders. Food taxes had to be manually calculated by an accountant, and they had no way to track purchases.

However, with their growth over the last several years, their restaurant required a POS system that could handle the tracking of transactions and their credit card processing.

The owners of Izzy’s Lounge found utter disappointment with their first point of sale (POS) system. They had constant issues with support from their former POS provider, and were constantly worried about their rising credit card processing rates, mostly without any explanation. The customer service was subpar, resulting in long phone calls with little assistance.

Their results with BNG Point-of-Sale

Izzy’s Lounge needed a POS system that allowed them to scale and grow more effectively. They also needed better customer service and someone who could answer questions or concerns if their point of sale system was acting up. When searching for a new provider, another restaurant owner recommended BNG Point-Of-Sale.

At first, the owners of Izzy’s Lounge were skeptical. They’d been burned before and didn’t want the headaches of another point of sale system failure. After considering all the benefits and functionality, along with a monthly support plan to help when in desperate need, they chose BNG Point-Of-Sale and Restaurant Manager as their solution.

Their employees love the new system. They like the different functionality of their new POS system and especially how detailed it is. The new POS solution at Izzy’s helps their staff with ordering, tracking of food purchases, and makes it easier to track liquor sales, all the while notifying them when it’s time to reorder inventory.

Whenever they have support issues, BNG Point-Of-Sale can remote into their Restaurant Manager system, and walk the owner through the problem. All of their data is even stored remotely, as a cloud-based system, giving Izzy’s the ability to access transactions, for business and accounting purposes.


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