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Power Plate Meals

Fargo Restaurant Franchise Generates Immediate ROI from Point-of-Sale Solution
“If a point-of-sale provider doesn’t have good people working at it, then they’re not going do a good job of helping you set it up and troubleshoot problems with you. And they won’t help maximize your POS system to its full capabilities. It’s important that the product is good, but the people are also key. Because if you’re working with bad people, they’re not going help your business reach it’s full potential.”
Haylee Swanson
Co-Owner, Power Plate Meals
About Power Plate Meals

Power Plate Meals is a Fargo-based, meal-franchise business that sells healthy, diet proportion, ready to eat meals. These ready to eat meals are sold at retail locations and online, through their E-Commerce store. They currently serve the Fargo region via two locations with more opening soon.

Why Power Plate Meals Needed a Point-of-Sale System

Power Plate meals had a huge challenge in running their chain of stores. Their growing business demanded the ability to easily make updates to their menu items, manage gift cards, and run a rewards program for their loyal customers.

Co-owner Haylee Swanson and her fiance had multiple challenges related to their point-of-sale (POS) struggles. They worked with another point-of-sale system but had a difficult time successfully implementing it. They wanted to run a simple rewards program where members would receive 10% off their meals every time they shopped with them. And they desired top-notch support from their POS vendor, so they could streamline and efficiently run their business.

Power Plate Meals’ Results With BNG Point-of-Sale

Co-owner Haylee Swanson partnered with BNG Point-of-Sale to solve these technology challenges through a Revel point-of-sale system. BNG Point-of-Sale also installed these Revel point-of-sale solutions at their South Fargo location and will be adding more Revel systems to their other sites. With Revel, they can run their unique business how they want, with a point-of-sale system that works with their business instead of against it.

Power Plate Meals makes approximately 10 menu changes every two weeks and co-owner Haylee loves the fact she makes these updates easily and quickly.

Power Plate Meals still has more ways to grow their business with their point-of-sale system. They are working with BNG Point-of-Sale’s sister company BNG Design to help them integrate their point-of-sale system into their new website. That way any products they sell online will automatically be deducted from their inventory in their POS system, reducing the time reconciling accounts between the two.

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