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Fargo Dental Practice Adopts Online Billing to Improve Cash Flow
“BNG is on top of the service industry and all the changes in technology that happen in it. They work to make sure everything is working perfectly, and my business doesn’t have to worry about accepting payments.”
Dr. James Johnson
owner at Saving Smiles Dentistry
About Saving Smiles Dentistry

Saving Smiles Dentistry is a Fargo dental office who has been in practice since 2011. They provide a variety of dental services and employ thirteen staff. In addition to basic care, they have a program that offers special savings to make dental care more affordable


When they first opened their doors, the last item on Saving Smiles mind was their billing process. They had a dial-up credit card terminal that they had to put on their desk and manually enter the card number via a dial-up credit card terminal. The terminal looked unprofessional in Saving Smiles office, along with causing the office team additional time to process the payments. The team disliked the inefficient terminal and how it slowed their administrative tasks. The team at Saving Smiles wanted to find a payment solution that was streamlined and offered more payment options for their clients. In addition to paying at the office, Saving Smiles wanted to be able to process payments online through their websites, so their clients had multiple options in case they didn’t have the money upfront.


Fortunately for Saving Smiles, they managed to find a better payment processing company to partner with, and have automated how the handle client payments. By working with BNG Payments, Saving Smiles can let their patients make online payments from their website and allow for a flexible payment schedule. In addition to payment flexibility for their patients, their equipment is sleek and out of the way. The office staff only needs to swipe the card through a computer adapter and immediately the payment is processed. Along with better equipment and a flexible payment schedule, the team at Saving Smiles receives daily reports and notifications when their patients pay online. Their staff can quickly check open invoices and stay informed on any unpaid invoices they may have.

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