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Silver Lake Municipal Liquor

Silver Lake Municipal Liquor Receives New Server To Prevent Downtime
“At the end of the day, I know BNG Point-of-Sale is there for the team at Silver Lake Liquor and me. If anything goes wrong, they will do everything to fix it, including helping us find a new server that would support our two businesses.”
Ashley Ardolf-Mason
General Manager, Silver Lake Liquor
About Silver Lake Municipal Liquor

Silver Lake Municipal Liquor is both an onsite and offsite liquor store and bar located in Silver Lake Minnesota. The two businesses in one building in the same spot and the team manage both sides of the business.

Why Silver Lake Municipal Liquor Needed a Point-of-Sale System

Silver Lake Liquor was satisfied with their Restaurant Manager point-of-sale system. However, their old server was slowing down their business operations. It was ten years old, and it would make their terminals, and POS shut down during the day.

This could lead to orders on the bar side missing a drink order that was wrung up, or it would take over four minutes to process a credit card payment.

The server going down often meant the General Manager Ashley, would have to come in at midnight or one AM to troubleshoot the system with BNG Point-of-Sale on the phone.

Finally, Ashley knew they needed to update their server so their system wouldn’t go down constantly and slow down their two businesses.

How BNG Point-of-Sale Impacted Their Business

Silver Lake Liquors had BNG Point-of-Sale sell them the right server that would hold up the demands of their unique business. They even helped them write the purchase request to submit to the City of Silver Lake to approve.

Now BNG Point-of-Sale supports both their network and server, and their POS system. Ashley can quickly run reports and keep up with their inventory as their system no longer goes down.

She can easily track both sales from onsite and offsite, as well as assure they can accept payments without their server going to shut down.

Ashley also appreciates that BNG Point-of-Sale support agreement allows them 24/7 support where the team will remote into their system and fix any issues they might have.

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