Cliqbux Payment Integration

Offer your customers a wide variety of payment options and maintain the security and flexibility your business needs.
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Your Simple Payment Solution With BNG + Cliqbux

Easily and simply accept multiple forms of payment securely directly through your Cliqbux Point of Sale system. Easily create payment profiles for your customers, allowing you to automatically accept payments for your customers. 

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Securely accept payments anywhere through multiple channels – whether in person, online, through mobile apps, or unmanned kiosks.

24/7 US Based Support

Through our 24/7 payment gateway and US based support, your customers have the freedom to purchase on holidays, weekends, or after hours.


Integrate surcharging into your credit card processing safely and in compliance with major credit card requirements and state and federal regulations.

Cloud Based Solutions

Safely store customers’ payment information and eliminate the risk of storing internally on your network. Also, track your sales and payments from anywhere.
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