CoreNexa Payment Processing Integration

Creating invoices and collecting payments should be the easiest part of your day! Simplify your payment processing with BNG Gateway and cloud integration with CoreNexa. Create invoices directly in your CoreNexa portal and collect payments within minutes.
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Your Simple Payment Solution Inside the CoreNexaPortal

Generate and send invoices directly through your CoreNexa portal. Easily create payment profiles for your customers, allowing you to automatically accept one-time and recurring payments for your customers. Your customers’ payments and billing information will safely post in CoreNexa and be applied to open invoices. If your customer ever needs a refund, rest assured that your payment solution will easily reopen the invoice and return it to the original payment method applied.
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Benefits Of Processing With BNG

Email Invoices

Automatically email customers based on the specific instructions you set with the payment method on file and the day you want the transaction to run.

PCI Compliant Vault

Safely store customers’ private billing information for easy recurring billing in a secure payment vault and eliminate the risk of storing sensitive information internally on your internal network.

Full Billing Dashboard

Make it easy for customers to pay their bills. Through our 24/7 payment gateway, your customers have the freedom to pay you on holidays, weekends, or after hours.
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