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By integrating with BNG Payments, you can
save thousands of dollars every year on
processing fees, streamline your payments
solution, and focus on growing your business.
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Your Simple Payment Solution with BNG Payments 

Your business is facing growing supply chain concerns and rising labor costs. Customize your payment solution with integrated surcharging to recover credit card fees and improve your efficiencies with simplified processes.  

Generate and send invoices directly through the BNG Gateway. Easily create payment profiles for your customers, allowing you to automatically accept one time and recurring payments. 

Benefits Of Processing With BNG

Email Invoices

Automatically email customers based on the specific instructions you set with the payment method on file and the day you want the transaction to run.

24/7 US Based Support

Through our 24/7 payment gateway and US based support, your customers have the freedom to purchase on holidays, weekends, or after hours.


Integrate surcharging into your credit card processing safely and in compliance with major credit card requirements and state and federal regulations.

Recurring Payments

Set up automatic payments for your customers’ contracts or agreements. Clients can make partial, full, or consolidated payments.
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