How the Best Mobile POS System Can Help Grow Your Retail Business

October 8, 2021

Mobile POS For Retail: How Retail Businesses Boost Sales with Mobile Devices

When you think of a point-of-sale (POS) system in retail, a cash register likely comes to mind. A similar tool not only rings up merchandise, it improves sales, service, and the way your business functions. It's called Mobile POS.

As a shopper, you’ve likely already seen Mobile POS used in stores, such as the Apple store, and how it facilitates a smooth ordering process. But, this powerful business software and hardware includes many other features to aid all business types.

This article examines how Mobile POS improves business operations.

How the Best Mobile POS System Can Help Grow Your Retail Business

What is Mobile POS? It’s a POS system consisting of smartphones, tablets, or proprietary mobile devices that do the same work as a cash register combined with a backend stock system. It’s a cloud-based system, but also works offline, and offers benefits for retail employees, managers, and owners onsite at a store and from any other location.

Let’s take a closer look at its benefits:

Smartphones and Portable Devices Lighten the Load on Your Cash Register

With multiple POS systems sharing the load, you ensure faster sales and avoid the dreaded downtime that results from a cash register failing.

Even a smartphone can be used as a POS. Mobile POS works on any iOS or Android smartphone, as well as on a tablet or proprietary POS mobile device.

Mobile POS enhances cash flow throughout the day. Like a cash register, Mobile POS contains card readers with the same payment capabilities, including swipe, chip or contactless credit card and debit card payment processing. It also honors mobile payment options, like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

In addition to chip cards and credit cards, they also process ACH payments at a lower price than credit card fees. Additionally, it logs cash payments and honors gift cards and loyalty deals which aid customer conversion. Paperless, digital receipts also speed processing.

Improved Customer Service

A Faster Checkout Process in Retail Stores

A Mobile POS revolutionizes the in-store experience. That’s right, no more long checkout lines, which the average customer hates. Instead of maintaining one or two dedicated staff members at a checkout counter, all employees can help run orders to reduce customer time in line. This translates to an efficient checkout process and creates happier customers while increasing transactions. This checkout experience also allows for face-to-face interaction for potential upselling.

For retails stores with multiple departments, mobile devices travel from department to department to accept transactions anywhere the store experiences the most customer traffic and sales.

Immediate Access to Inventory

Customers no longer wait while a sales representative disappears to check inventory. These devices offer full inventory visibility and advanced inventory management, including customized stock readings to accommodate size, colors, and alternative products. Access to inventory quickens the shopping and purchasing process.

With everything in hand and instantaneous, store employees enjoy more frequent face-to-face interactions with customers, which helps develop relationships, allows access to read customer preferences, provide alternative options, and upsell other products, such as companion products.

If your store has multiple locations, Mobile POS helps staff quickly identify out of stock items and allows them to guide shoppers to other locations where products are in stock. And as new stock arrives, these devices aid with intuitive inventory data entry, making it easy to multitask on the job.

Immediate Answers on Shipments

If a customer emails, calls, or stops in and asks for the status of an order, store employees can quickly find answers for customers with a touch of a button.

Employees Know Instantly if an Item is on Sale

A Mobile POS system can instantly check if an item is on sale and automatically applies the discount for fast pricing totals. Employees can quickly scan products and provide answers while maintaining face time with customers.

Customer Data Referencing

Mobile POS allows employees to create omnichannel customer profiles for metrics on shopping patterns. Staff can suggest products that fit a customer’s specific preferences thanks to easy access to customer history, even if a customer has an extensive shopping history..

Immediate Returns Capability

Even returns can be processed away from a traditional register. A Mobile POS streamlines every process a customer typically follows, further reducing the time customers stand in line.

Sales On the Go

The benefits to Mobile POS aren’t limited to inside brick-and-mortar stores. If your business makes sales outside your business location, these same systems do the work of an in-house cash register, allowing for a full range of payment types, stock reads, and shipping updates for added customer convenience.

Other Benefits to You as an Owner

A Mobile POS includes powerful benefits for retail business owners:

More Sales Floor Space to Display Inventory

With less need for multiple, dedicated registers, you combat limited floor space and maximize your floor space for more sales per square foot.

As a Brick-and-Mortar Retailer, You can Still Compete with E-Commerce

Online-only retailers are a serious threat to brick-and-mortar retailers, but brick-and-mortar stores have many benefits:

  • Customers can try products firsthand
  • Customers enjoy personalized service

Mobile POS helps you capitalize on both of these benefits. It not only streamlines the entire buying process, it improves the customer experience by giving shoppers the information they need and increases customer engagement. Staff can get to know their customers better and create customer intimacy which results in better service. With a Mobile POS, staff not only access customer reports to understand shopping trends and preferences that aid with improved selling, they leverage customer insights to create better products and services. Your employees also have more time to tell your business story and build a personal connection. Don’t underestimate the value of your staff developing bonds with customers in forming loyal customer relationships.

The Powerful Hidden Benefits of a Paperless Transaction

Collecting customer email addresses from shoppers to send electronic receipts also supports marketing and advertising efforts. Using the sales histories and preference data of customers, you can send special sales and create exclusive event invitations. A customer may also opt to link to a loyalty program for specials, freebies or discounts. All of this contribute to shoppers’ repeat business.

Improved Reporting

Sales Performance: Provides accurate reports on team member and retail location sales performance, anywhere you are, even from an online store. All data syncs on the cloud and is easily read on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Stock and Shipping Reports: Provides real-time stock reporting so you know what arrived, what’s still in transit, and what to order next.

Tailored to your Brand and Sales Process

Mobile POS systems can be designed and formatted to seamlessly fit your sales processes and match your brand language and identity for useful and professional interaction.

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