The Truth About Mobile POS Stations in Restaurants

May 10, 2022

The time of the smaller point-of-sale systems is upon us! iPad systems are becoming more popular, and the popularity of mobile point-of-sale stations has continued to leave an impact on the restaurant industry.

But just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for your business.

So today let’s look at the pros and cons of mobile point-of-sale systems and let you know if they are the right fit for your restaurant.

The pros of mobile point-of-sale systems

Less expensive

One of the biggest draws to use a mobile-based POS system comes from the price tag. It is an undeniable fact that compared with traditional point-of-sale systems, the sleek mobile models have less of a sticker shock.


Mobile stations are incredibly easy to move around, and it can be simple to bring your credit card reader over to the table for clients when they are ready to pay their bill.

Reduce turnover time

The quicker customers get their orders in and can pay their check, the faster you can turn a table. And this is one of the biggest arguments for adopting mobile stations for your restaurant.

Even if you don’t want to buy one for every table, it still can help you increase turnovers and help your overall operations.

Another perk to this, clients enjoy the freedom a mobile station can provide.

Sure, having a staff member there to answer questions is great. But giving guests the choice to order when they’re ready is a great way to give your guests some control over their experience at your restaurant.

The cons of mobile point-of-sale system

Reduced features

One of the biggest drawbacks of the smaller stations can be how small and sleek in size they are.

That’s not to say they don’t have many similar features as a larger traditional POS system, but many mobile systems lack the extensive tracking tools needed to keep an eye on inventory, wage costs, and prevent theft.

As much as turning tables quickly can add to your profits, subpar inventory and wage management tools can easily make those profits slip away.

Final verdict

To sum everything up, mobile POS systems can be a great solution for smaller restaurants. But a bigger restaurant may need something a little more advanced to service their business in the best way.

If you’re considering purchasing a mobile point-of-sale system, be sure to read about what benefits their software has, to make sure your restaurant isn’t missing and key tools.

And if you’re looking for a mobile point-of-sale system that packs a punch and has all the tools to fit your restaurant?

Check out Restaurant Managers point-of-sale system called RM Duet. It was designed to offer businesses looking for a mobile POS system with the benefits of their traditional RM point-of-sale system.

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