BNG Payment Gateway And Swipe Software Unveiled Fargo, ND

August 4, 2011

Fargo, North Dakota's largest credit card processing company, BNG Holdings, Inc. has unveiled its newest merchant services product.  It is called the BNG Payment Gateway.

Have you ever wanted to run credit card transactions through your computer, but didn't need all the features and added cost of a POS software?  BNG Holdings, Inc. has created a new way to accept credit card transactions on your computer. The only added equipment is a usb card swiper.

We asked the Co-Founder and CEO of BNG Holdings, Inc. Brady Nash how their new product works.  "First of all the software runs in the background of your computer unnoticed and out of your way until you swipe a credit card on the usb card swiper.  Then a screen pops up that looks like a traditional credit card machine.  You simply enter the amount to be charged and hit enter.  The BNG Payment Gateway communicates with our payment servers and gives you an instant approval.  The receipt pops up and you can print it from any existing printer, or email it directly to your customer."

"There is no expensive equipment to buy and the software is completely PCI DSS Compliant," said Tyler Buechler, Vice President and Co-Founder of BNG Holdings, Inc.  "We are very proud of the new, innovative, and industry leading software ."

BNG Holdings, Inc. has been a driving force in the Fargo Moorhead economy since they began offering the area credit card processing services in 2005.  From the beginning, BNG has been a company dedicated to developing strong partnerships with its merchants by providing face to face customer support and unmatched value in the industry. With this main philosophy as a guide, BNG has become one of the fastest growing merchant services companies in the Upper Midwest.

You can visit with BNG Holdings, Inc. at their office in the new West Fargo Pioneer Technology Center, located at 1405 Prairie Parkway.

Written By: Ryan Theis

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