How To Increase Your Restaurant's Food Delivery Sales

September 8, 2021

How To Increase Food Delivery Sales 

Food and restaurant delivery sales are of critical importance now in the restaurant business industry. To cut costs in the face of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19 pandemic), many restaurant owners have used the internet to boost their in-house and delivery sales, and consequently their revenue stream. As the colder months arrive, with the deployment of additional restraints on outdoor dining finished, numerous restaurants are intensely exploring ways to handle online food orders and delivery service and drive food delivery sales. 

You will improve your restaurant's revenue, sales, and profit margins if you give current and potential customers the option of ordering their food online and having them delivered. In the restaurant industry, the rise of internet-based food ordering and delivery platforms has changed the way traditional restaurants operate completely. 

Online ordering services like Door Dash and Uber Eats can give restaurants an extra boost in revenue. Furthermore, the launch of a new era of cashless economies, which has facilitated the rising popularity of cloud kitchens, a concept that offers food delivery and pick-up services, has brought about significant growth in digital food ordering. 

Some of the ways you can increase your food delivery sales include: 

Create An Online Presence 

For an effective response to consumer demand and convenience to customers, ensure your business is easy to find online. Search engine optimization begins with your website, specifically with your web optimization (SEO). Your website will not be found by search engines if it is not SEO-friendly. Begin with a good base of knowledge: look to Google's SEO guide. Some online website builders allow you to build a website for your restaurant in a matter of minutes. 

After you get your website on Google, integrate it with food delivery applications. Though fees apply to transactions, it is a good service for increasing your brand's visibility and getting your message out to new audiences. Alternatively, you can take and process orders using integrated systems to handle pickup and delivery. 

Finally, you must improve your social media profile. There is a lot of interest in Facebook and Instagram, but it is important to understand the differences in how they are used. In addition to sharing updates and deals, Facebook makes it easy to communicate with customers. Using Instagram to distribute images and stories will attract attention and will stimulate customers' appetites. 

Improve Your Marketing Efforts 

Advertising is the secret to growth for countless businesses. With the right approach, you can get a massive return on investment and increase food delivery sales in your area.  

According to expert reports, there is a clear correlation between advertising spending and growth. Companies that spent around 16.5 percent of revenue on advertising grew between 1 to 15 percent, while companies that spent 50.2 percent of revenue grew between 31 to 100 percent. Consider the following tips: 

  • Social media ads: which include platforms like Facebook and Instagram are fantastic tools for raising awareness about your delivery service. You can personalize your campaigns by filtering users based on age, interests, habits, and other important criteria. 
  • Restaurant searches: People use Google to search for places to eat and see organic and paid search results. Use search engine ads to be visible and get people to visit your website. 
  • In-app ads: Some food delivery apps let you pay to promote your business. Like social media ads, these promotions can be targeted toward specific areas.  

Create Promotions 

Food delivery apps and other ordering services make it easy to get food, and it should not be surprising that convenience comes at a cost. When it comes to making a purchasing decision, buyers will have to weigh their options by seeing which product has the best value for their money. 

When you offer lower prices on certain products, you are raising awareness of your business and will increase sales because you are drawing in customers who may not have purchased at full price. When giving customers bargains on their orders, you will inevitably decrease your profits. However, this is a chance to develop customer loyalty, so it will be worth it. Customers will be able to see that your food is delicious and popular. That is the message you should convey now.  

Along with discounts, you could offer items or a free side with every meal. Customers love to realize they are getting a better deal because you are including free items with their purchase. 

Use High-quality Descriptions And Images 

You will want to include as many images as possible in your digital menu. This is vastly different from a paper menu at a restaurant. You need to communicate your food's flavor to your customers because the customers cannot detect the smells coming from the kitchen. The pictures and use of descriptive language will get your customers excited and ready to eat. 

We must describe every meal to our audience accurately, and all of this must be done at the same time. For online customers, since they cannot ask questions, you must ensure you are clear on everything that comes with the order. This includes dishes, condiments, and other commonly included extras. 

Receive And Address Feedback 

Positive feedback from the customer base is vital for every business. The biggest worry of your customers is that you will put out low-quality food that is unsafe to eat. They want to know that they are getting excellent value. One negative comment about your food can cause major problems. You can receive customer feedback by simply requesting them. 

Include a small thank you card with each order. Also, ask for feedback on each of the cards. Customer feedback should be appreciated, so take notes while allowing customers to be honest. 

In addition to demonstrating that you run a high-quality restaurant, positive feedback sends a signal to customers and search engines alike that people are eager to find out more about you. Having a greater number of social signals and reviews results in the greater likelihood of your rankings increasing on search engine results pages. 

Incentivize Rewards 

Another crucial way of retaining customers and claiming a good market share is to reward loyalty. 

Creating a restaurant loyalty program allows you to demonstrate to customers how much you value them. In addition, these rewards help encourage customers to buy more, building a continuous revenue stream. Repeat customers spend more money than new shoppers, so it is beneficial to keep these consumers around. Likewise, retaining current customers is 5 times cheaper than finding new ones. Some of the ideas you can implement include: 

  • Tracking shopping habits: Each time a guest buys from you, their order is logged so you can see what they buy and how often. 
  • Accruing points or levels: Each dollar spent helps the buyer earn redeemable points or unlock tiers that provide special benefits. 
  • Receiving discounts and free items: Either through redemption or targeted offers, loyalty members can get a percentage off their order and free meals, add-on items, and delivery.  

Speed Up Your Service 

Fast delivery is critical. You need to deliver high-quality service to keep customers coming back for repeat business. That way, you will be able to enjoy sales increases from a more loyal customer base. When it comes to delivery, there is nothing more important than speed. 

The work starts with the basics: order processing. When you order something from your site, app, or over the phone, it should arrive in the kitchen with minimal delay. This process is often further delayed by outdated restaurant equipment, which usually wastes a lot of money. On a busier day, servers will need to print a receipt and hand it to the kitchen, and it will take additional time. 

Even better, new point of sale systems now makes these steps easier. Orders can be pushed directly to your kitchen's display. Back of house staff finish orders faster, with less time spent on them. 

While you cannot just tell your drivers and bike riders to ride faster, you can tell them fewer things to do so that you will have record-setting delivery times. When carrying out this strategy, make sure to add more delivery drivers so that each person delivers less frequently. 

Ensure Clear Communication 

Customers who want to place orders with your business can do so with ease thanks to phone-based services. However, this is often time-consuming. Errors are bound to happen, because of misunderstandings or conflicting information. Make sure your employees are professionally trained in effective telephone communication with customers. Make sure they confirm the order and are polite when doing so. And do not forget to include clear pricing options so customers can get their orders together without a hassle. 

Study Your Competitors To Learn Creative Food Delivery Marketing Ideas 

Learning how to improve your restaurant business cannot be done without other input. You should research the methods of your regional and national competitors to discover how they produce creative marketing strategies. 

If you keep up with the other restaurants, you will find some amazing deals available. There are many ideas here, but most of them do not apply to delivery. Make placing orders easy for your customers by including a link to your site. 

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