This Common Liquor Store Software Mistake Will Slowly Drain Your Profits

December 5, 2011

If this sounds like you, BNG Technologies has a liquor store software solution called CounterPoint POS, specifically tailored for Minnesota and North Dakota liquor store owners.

Your customers and needs are just as diverse as the colors, sizes, and tastes of your beer selection. This point-of-sale solution frees you up to treat each of your customers with the care and ease of a bartender.

The software system is tailored to provide a turn-key solution for the many common transactions and issues liquor store owners throughout the upper Midwest deal with, while also having the embedded flexibility to allow for tailoring the product for liquor store owners.

If you want to talk to someone right now, click here. If not, read on to learn exactly how this technology delivers on these promises.

How CounterPoint’s Liquor Store Software POS Solution Frees You Up To Spend Time With Customers

With this software, you can:

  • Divide your product into as many different combinations as you desire for reselling - even down to the individual bottle or can, and easily track it multiple ways.
  • Receive a report based on all this telling you what you should buy, from studying inventory and sales data.
  • Maintain credit cards on file for customers with encryption technology and just pull them up as needed.
  • Insert different prices for different customers. For example, if you wanted to provide the wholesaler the product minus sales tax, or if you're giving someone like a caterer a break on a contracted price.
  • Scan individual bar codes
  • Easily print labels
  • Easily interface the CounterPoint POS with your accounting data
  • Sort by vendor
  • Use the database to help market the business. For example, if you want to create a chart of beers in order of dark to light.
  • Easily interface data from multiple locations at once, even if operating systems differ at each location.
  • Provide a customer receipts on full-size paper, which provides a more professional feel than the typical 3-inch roll of numbers everyone else passes out.
  • Interface with e-mail programs, if you want to let customers know about sales for example, or run a loyalty program.
  • Use the liquor store software to issue and redeem gift cards, instead of having to pay exorbitant fees to gift card companies.

As always, the journey starts and ends with excellent customer service, which you receive with BNG Technologies. Instead of selling you a standard liquor store software package, our experts actually consult with you to find out specifically how this tool might most benefit you. Then we customize the product to make sure it's a fit for your needs.

So go ahead and give it a try by calling 1(888)444-8471 or e-mailing and setting up a demo today.

Written By: Ryan Theis

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