Revel - iPad POS Solution

April 5, 2013

Has your business become big enough that manually tracking your inventory…and your sales…and your customer base has become overwhelming and too time consuming? Have you started to do some research into a point of sale solution and had sticker shock?
Revel POS System - BNG Holdings
Revel Systems has come out with a robust, yet simple point of sale solution that is customizable to nearly any business' needs. It provides a straightforward solution for tracking sales, profitability and your customers, with the capability of being portable.


Customer Management

Revel makes managing your customers easier than ever, all from an iPad. Features are included that will make for an enjoyable customer experience. Use features such as loyalty programs to keep customers coming back, and tableside ordering capabilities to speed up processes, which contributes to an overall better customer experience. Mobile businesses can let customers know their exact location through social media integration. Face-to-face video can even be utilized for certain ordering scenarios. And Revel is built to accommodate, including larger text options, voice commands, and keyboard-readiness with Bluetooth, all with quick and easy setup options.

Customer management will make things much better on the business' side of things as well. Keep track of customer information from Revel's CRM. Your customer information will be organized and synchronized with buying data, and can all be exported to the platform of your choice. If you need to make appointments and schedules for your business, this POS will be a big help. Create schedules by individual employee or create a calendar to keep your appointments. Email and text confirmations will help as a reminder for clients as well. Other helpful features include gift card acceptance, a sign on screen option, customized receipt options, and more.

Business Management

Inventory just got simpler with Matrix Inventory, focused on locating and accessing inventory items as easily as possible. Managing your inventory with Revel POS will lower costs by calculating waste loss and helping you determine when and how much to reorder. Real time inventory tracking and automatic alerts ensure you won't be caught without the inventory your business needs.

Revel's inventory capabilities are only the tip of the iceberg. If you want an all-in-one business management experience, Revel is just what you're looking for. Streamline delivery and ordering processes with delivery management and order status tracking from your iPad. Quickbooks integration with automatic syncing lets you gain valuable perspective on your business' finances.There are a wealth of additional abilities at your disposal, including:

  • Till management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Employee scheduling
  • Franchise management
  • Payroll management
  • Custom permissions
  • Customized Views
  • Login & swipe card capabilities
  • Table management
  • Wi-Fi management
  • Mobile device management

Optimization Tools

With many tools to choose from, any business can use a Revel POS to optimize their operation. One impressive feature that proves incredibly useful in unexpected circumstances is the Always On Mode. This allows for the Revel POS to continue functioning normally and accept payments by card even during a power outage or internet slow down. Even during times when most businesses would be forced to halt operations, Revel has you covered.

iPad syncing is another tool that sets the Revel POS apart. With the ability to communicate locally, POS stations can work together for you. This even includes the ability to take an order on one POS, and have the customer pay for that same order on another POS. Orders from mulitple POS stations can be merged and paid for together. iPad syncing allows for a more convenient and speedy experience for customers and employees alike.Some of Revel’s other fantastic tools that will prove useful include:

  • Mobile ordering
  • Online ordering
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Customer order alert screens
  • Bump capabilities for organizing kitchen cues
  • Scoreboard integration
  • Cinema distribution compliance
  • Universal barcode reading
  • Shipping compliance
  • Order routing


Revel POS is highly customizable to the needs of your business. With a vast array of features and options to choose from and customize, the possibilities are endless. Build custom menus unique to your restaurant that update automatically throughout the day, such as breakfast, lunch, and happy hour menus. Then set up custom digital signage on Samsung Smart TVs that are paired with your Revel POS. This is perfect for both advertising opportunities and displaying menus.

If you are still wondering just how customizable Revel POS is, consider this. Included is the Revel Systems POS API, in which you access the back-end side of Revel POS to add or remove features and customize your iPad as much as you’d like, even with third party applications. Ideally, Revel would like to become the perfect POS system for every type of business in every type of scenario. I’d say they’re doing pretty well.



When Revel designed the iPad POS, they didn’t forget about ease of use in the process of making it a powerfully customizable and robust system. After reading about how much can be done with this POS, it’s encouraging to hear that setup and use is quick and easy. Revel’s hardware comes preconfigured to save you from the time and frustration that typically come along with the setup process. Hardware integration is also a breeze, as the Revel POS system communicates seamlessly with card swipes, scanners, scales, printers, and Bluetooth keyboards.



All payments are secured with information encryption, ensuring that data will not be stolen. In fact, card information is encrypted immediately upon being swiped on the Revel iPad POS. Revel card readers come fully encrypted with AES 256 payment encryption keys.

Beyond payment security, payment ease is also a plus. Customers can choose to pay with a card swipe, online, with a mobile device, with PayPal integration, with a gift card, or even with Bitcoin if they wish.



In today’s highly automated and online marketplace, security has never been more important.This especially rings true with Revel’s superb security track record. Revel’s POS system is fully compliant with PCI DSS standards to ensure the security of all credit card information. Revel always stays up to date on PCI standards and ensures its POS systems follow the latest requirements. As a result of putting security first, Revel’s POS systems feature the highest level of credit card security on the POS market. Good security practices make for good results, and Revel Systems has never had any trouble with credit card fraud or hacking to date.

DTT security integration gives you the ability to view surveillance footage along side what is being performed on you iPad POS. Monitoring transactions in this way cuts down on theft and loss, making this feature incredibly beneficial to certain industries. And of course, user access options make all important private data and options accessible to only the business owner and anyone the owner specifically gives permission to.

Revel takes all possible measures to ensure the safety of your data, including hosting in a PCI compliant data center. Each single location business operates on a database of its own through Revel’s POS systems, meaning your data is kept separate from all other client’s data. Revel also ensures several layers of redundancy, meaning that your data will never be lost in the case of an unpredictable event.



The Revel POS system is undeniably impressive. Who would have thought that a business could be run from an iPad? Combine the powerful capabilities of a  robust POS system and the simplicity and user friendly design of an iPad, and you have the Revel iPad POS. This POS is viable in nearly every business scenario, as it is incredibly diverse in its abilities and has very few limitations. The Revel POS is a great option for start-ups and well-established businesses alike.

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